WIW for X-mas dinner

My crazy self at it again :) This is not a suit; I bought these separately in different years. Apparently I like what I like and mattress ticking is a favourite. I decided a month ago that I really had to wear them together at least once :)

The underpinnings are pure practicality. Leggings for warmth. These Puma sandals bought this week because feet problems. Plus though, the sandals are extremely comfortable for walking. Am thinking of scouring the web for another pair.

Please note my first covid home test in the lower right corner. I’m not entirely sure why the fam has not been testing before gathering the past three years…


WIW: To the community ballet

Went to see the community ballet do its thing. Mask mandates have ended, but you had to wear a mask, show your vaccination card, and the seating was social distanced. Someone found an old ballet at the Paris opera or something that they restaged - a sorcerer floats around the sea on a porcelain island turning trespassers into porcelain dolls. An amusing premise! There were men in suits, which was quite lovely to see and one statuesque lady in a standout sweeping, engine red patterned coat dress. I wore these old booties, because so little chance to wear them these days. Dressing crazy like always :)


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Beliefs, Values, Personality

Ok, here go some wild stabs in the dark:

I believe:
- Clothing makes people believe things about you
- Dress codes have a place, but should never be used to rule people out ... the club should always have a loaner jacket available
- Clothing is a significant economic activity - one of the big basics along with food, shelter and medical care - and it needs to be sustainable

I value:
- Interest
- Formula Dressing
- Practicality/Durability
- Warmth(!)
- Risk but not the Risqué

- Am incurably quirky and waify
- Am borderline introvert/extrovert
- Am lighthearted but stern... casually intense ... Mary Poppins is my role model, hehe
- Need something to think about to stay awake and to go to sleep and depend on fashion for that ... I said quirky right?
- Am comfortable with the homeless talking to me, parties with prime ministers, but not so much those who find camaraderie in being small nosed blondes after a lot of plastic surgery and hair dye... jus’ sayin’... I could never summon that kind of effort...

... Hmm. How did I do? Tried not go too far afield...


False Positives for your style

On lisap's thread (https://youlookfab.com/welookf.....what-to-do), Greyscale said the words 'false positives' talking about near-miss styles on the way to determining one's own and ... ding! ding! ding!! ... I have so many of those.

Probably first up is Punk... I'm only punk in the way Deborah Harry is punk... sorta frowsy DIY normcore motivated by philosophy...

Next is Preppy... because my fam is Preppy and my parents dressed me... and that's just on autopilot.

Third is Hipster... because the power of the $5 donut is overwhelming... eat one and you're wearing a mustard sweatshirt under a denim smock pinafore...

Fourth is Country because Hipsterness leads to Urban Farming and gets entangled with Prep in the Country... and I still hang on to that, driving around in a station wagon with faux corgi...

Then comes Swedish Milkmaid and Alice in Wonderland in Black and White... it's an easy leap with the smocks...

Fifth is Rocker... when I try to get back to punk and miss ...

Same with UWP and Steampunk and Post Apocalyptic and Lagenlook and Avant Garde...

Which brings me back to Native Wear... because that's practical and is influenced by all of it...

And all the while I'm really too cheerful and light in my loafers to be as angry and sober and sophisticated as I aspire...

The result is really none of those things and is as Angie describes... Quirky Folksy...

... So I want to know what all y'alls false positives are/have been... and what you do to stay on track...


Speaking of pjs

Should a headmistress somewhere send a reprimanding letter to designers? Or is this clever? Beautiful? A provocative social statement? An example of how rules aren't for the wealthy?

I'd have tried it as a teen - but I also went out into the cold with wet hair...



Fashion Era Challenge: The Pharmaceutical Eras - '50s, '60s, '70s (pic heavy)

All right-y, last down the catwalk... wrapping it up with, and blurring together... The '50s, '60s, and '70s... The *There's a Pill For That* Eras!

  • The '50s (pics #1-3): Had to fake a bob. Do y'all realise how short the girls wore their hair? Where were all the fathers objecting to that? I ask you! Anyways, I digress early. In fact, I went awry with this one early. It started with the Prom Concept again (floofy white dress with petticoats and sheer overlay, pearls, headband with bow, pointy pointy pumps). But then I couldn't find my white kid gloves (freak out!). As I was digging and tossing, I came up with other bits and pieces of the '50s... dark fur stole, head topper with fur trim... and just started putting them on. Finally, I said *what the heck* and just did navy gloves and took more snaps. 
  • The '60s (pics #4-5): Mod. Didn't do *A* Mod. Right. There's a difference - a Vespa, Quadrophenia, and the high-fashion adoption. Outfit breakdown: A-line shift miniskirt dress, cap, stick straight hair with (faked) heavy fringe, little shoes, knock-kneed pose. (Btw, cap now has fake eyelash glue on it... anybody got any tips for getting that stuff off?!!)
  • The '70s (pics #6-8) (was #6-9): Punk. Fishnet over raggedy a$$ stockings (it's cold sitting on the street by the dumpster), thin a$$ t-shirt (kicked off the dole, so still wearing stuff from third form), lace up boots, chains, safety pin holding sh*t together, yesterday's make-up. One leg always propped up on something... Oh FFF! We went for Hipster donuts in this (and totally be-glamoured donut boy with our uber cool). But why did I not think to take a pic? Cue Nancy Spungen meltdown. Right. Who's gonna be Nancy and kick some walls? (May she RIP, of course...)
  • Bonus '70s: Real '70s - Rocky '70s (pic #9) (was #10). Segue to Boutique Punk, Post Punk, and New Wave (pic #10) (was #11). #10 (once known as #11) is more how I'd have worn the '50s prom dress in real life, except it's more colourful than I'd have done - I was all dark and spooky waif, remember... oh wait, Am Still A Waif! ;)

ETA: Messed everything up by removing overexposed pic...

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All era posts for '40s and '50s

All era posts for the '60s

All era posts for the '70s


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Fashion Era Challenge: The '40s

Ya know, growing up, the '40s were alive for me because my parents were war babies. And now there's no feeling of it at all (mum has moved on to the iPhone completely and can only be reached by text message). I miss the ice box and asking the operator to get you something like Westbrae 5244 and running boards. A strange thought, but there you have it.

Ya ya. *Yes, Mother* and *Whatever.* Hehe :D Down to business: The Clothes

Today's docket involves Victory rolls, the sensible shoe, the dun coloured suit and the Strangely Bent Wrist Pose.

Also included for good measure: The Traditional Stiff Pose picture ;)

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ETA: All era posts for the '40s and '50s


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Fashion Era Challenge: The '80s

I give to you: The '80s !! :D

Ahaha! Tried to recreate the hair (never my forte) and clown makeup. Man, the whole makeup kit box had to come down. Had to put the robe on to keep the makeup off my dress. The bathroom is strewn with hair products. The diffuser is out. The teasing comb. All throughout the 'photo shoot' my hair was deflating. My current hair products are not up to the cardboard effect. Just don't have the fuscia shadows and lipsticks anymore. And I knocked off a giant clip-on earring trying to give you the sassy '80s head tilt.

Ahahaha! And this all took hours. How do you guys whip up your fashion challenges so fast?!

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Fashion Era Challenge: Dickensian

Ok. This is an *inspired by* because, hehe, I will wear outside and I'm cold. Lilypup is going to declare walktime soon. So no bonnet. Also, I think I just gave away my lace trim pin tuck top not realising it goes with this skirt.

Do y'all know how hard it is to snap a pic with one hand in a handmuff? Cannot be done. (And btw, *Don't say 'Don't.' Say 'Do not.' ;) )

Bonus pics of Lilypup displaced by skirt on the sofa :)

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ETA: All era posts for pre-20s


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Easter WIW

Feelin' Nutty Pup. Family gatherings seem to bring it out in me. They're either the perfect venue or crazy making ;)

Exit now if the idea of really fake looking crazy eye foxes around your neck disturbs you. Or long furry snake bats. I think they're supposed to be foxes. But the noses are weird... Is there such a thing as a needle nose furry snake bat fox?