WIW review

I am looking at my WIWs from the past three+ years. I am struck by how much I shop all the time and yet how old all my clothes are.

Also, I think I need to start looking at my outfits. I am all over the place. In my head I'm doing one thing; the reality is another.

Or Quirky Waif is just Quirky Waif. I'll be dressing too young when I get old. I already am... :D

#1 - 2011 "I've come to fix your email"
#2 - 2012 "star wars dress"
#3 - 2013 "cropped sweater, silky tunic shirt"
#4 - 2014 "anime"
#5 - 2014 "folktale x-mas outfit"
#6 - 2014 "the elusive office country punk look"


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