Beliefs, Values, Personality

Ok, here go some wild stabs in the dark:

I believe:
- Clothing makes people believe things about you
- Dress codes have a place, but should never be used to rule people out ... the club should always have a loaner jacket available
- Clothing is a significant economic activity - one of the big basics along with food, shelter and medical care - and it needs to be sustainable

I value:
- Interest
- Formula Dressing
- Practicality/Durability
- Warmth(!)
- Risk but not the Risqué

- Am incurably quirky and waify
- Am borderline introvert/extrovert
- Am lighthearted but stern... casually intense ... Mary Poppins is my role model, hehe
- Need something to think about to stay awake and to go to sleep and depend on fashion for that ... I said quirky right?
- Am comfortable with the homeless talking to me, parties with prime ministers, but not so much those who find camaraderie in being small nosed blondes after a lot of plastic surgery and hair dye... jus’ sayin’... I could never summon that kind of effort...

... Hmm. How did I do? Tried not go too far afield...