Beliefs, Values, Personality

Ok, here go some wild stabs in the dark:

I believe:
- Clothing makes people believe things about you
- Dress codes have a place, but should never be used to rule people out ... the club should always have a loaner jacket available
- Clothing is a significant economic activity - one of the big basics along with food, shelter and medical care - and it needs to be sustainable

I value:
- Interest
- Formula Dressing
- Practicality/Durability
- Warmth(!)
- Risk but not the Risqué

- Am incurably quirky and waify
- Am borderline introvert/extrovert
- Am lighthearted but stern... casually intense ... Mary Poppins is my role model, hehe
- Need something to think about to stay awake and to go to sleep and depend on fashion for that ... I said quirky right?
- Am comfortable with the homeless talking to me, parties with prime ministers, but not so much those who find camaraderie in being small nosed blondes after a lot of plastic surgery and hair dye... jus’ sayin’... I could never summon that kind of effort...

... Hmm. How did I do? Tried not go too far afield...


False Positives for your style

On lisap's thread (, Greyscale said the words 'false positives' talking about near-miss styles on the way to determining one's own and ... ding! ding! ding!! ... I have so many of those.

Probably first up is Punk... I'm only punk in the way Deborah Harry is punk... sorta frowsy DIY normcore motivated by philosophy...

Next is Preppy... because my fam is Preppy and my parents dressed me... and that's just on autopilot.

Third is Hipster... because the power of the $5 donut is overwhelming... eat one and you're wearing a mustard sweatshirt under a denim smock pinafore...

Fourth is Country because Hipsterness leads to Urban Farming and gets entangled with Prep in the Country... and I still hang on to that, driving around in a station wagon with faux corgi...

Then comes Swedish Milkmaid and Alice in Wonderland in Black and White... it's an easy leap with the smocks...

Fifth is Rocker... when I try to get back to punk and miss ...

Same with UWP and Steampunk and Post Apocalyptic and Lagenlook and Avant Garde...

Which brings me back to Native Wear... because that's practical and is influenced by all of it...

And all the while I'm really too cheerful and light in my loafers to be as angry and sober and sophisticated as I aspire...

The result is really none of those things and is as Angie describes... Quirky Folksy...

... So I want to know what all y'alls false positives are/have been... and what you do to stay on track...


WIW review

I am looking at my WIWs from the past three+ years. I am struck by how much I shop all the time and yet how old all my clothes are.

Also, I think I need to start looking at my outfits. I am all over the place. In my head I'm doing one thing; the reality is another.

Or Quirky Waif is just Quirky Waif. I'll be dressing too young when I get old. I already am... :D

#1 - 2011 "I've come to fix your email"
#2 - 2012 "star wars dress"
#3 - 2013 "cropped sweater, silky tunic shirt"
#4 - 2014 "anime"
#5 - 2014 "folktale x-mas outfit"
#6 - 2014 "the elusive office country punk look"


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